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Innovation und Qualität

Development projects

R&D and demonstration of an integrated approach and
business model in the agriculture sector
Informations: Fraunhofer Institut


Reduced water and energy consumption in milk processing
Informations: Fraunhofer Institut


High performance drying of hygroscopic polymers
Informations: Fraunhofer Institut


Cleaning of oil-drilling mud by means of microwaves
in cooperation with our technology partner MCM

Non-thermal procedures in the wine production -
for the reduction or avoidance of sulphides or other preservatives in the wine.
Informations: Fraunhofer Institut 


Procedures to the warm storage
in cooperation with our technology partner:  Fraunhofer Institut

  • August 2017

    2017 schon das 3.  25-jährige Jubiläum im Hause Heckmann Bremen


  • Juli 2017

    Katharina Lengert, Projektleiterin im Hause Heckmann Bremen berichtet über Ihren Werdegang bei...


  • Juli 2017

    Zwei 25-jährige Jubiläen im Hause Heckmann Bremen