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Drying / Roasting with superheated Steam

The drying shows an essential process step in many industrial sectors. The usual process which is pursued with hot air has mostly in the whole treatment chain a very high energy consumption. By sinking resources and rising prices the inquiry for drying procedure with substantially lower power
demand becomes bigger and bigger. Together with the Fraunhofer IGB this drying procedure was developed constantly and today finds in numerous arrangements application.


The drying process is based on the apparatus-supported design of the familiar continuous drying process using superheated steam. The product is introduced via a gas-tight product inlet according to the specified throughput. In the dryer, the product is transported from the inlet to the outlet, during which it is intensively circulated and aerated by hot gas flow. Unlike familiar drying processes, however, in this case the hot air is fully replaced by superheated steam flow that is constantly moved around by a fan in the dryer. In operation, the dryer is virtually oxygen-free. This means that there is practically no risk of fire or explosion. A heater in the drying system continuously heats the steam flow to the desired drying temperature. For this purpose, plants can be equipped with heat exchangers that are heated using heating steam, thermal oil or flue gas. What is more, we provide heating with quality burners from renowned manufacturers, which ensure low emissions and sustainable and safe operation. The burners can be operated using the following heat carriers: light and heavy heating oil, natural gas, liquid gas, biodiesel or biogas.

The intensive contact between the product and the superheated steam flow results in excellent heat transfer. The product is heated, causing the water inside to be vaporised. The volume of superheated steam has increased around the volatile components; its temperature has fallen in line with the dissipation of heat to the product. The volume flow to hot gas can be removed using a fork in the pipe within the system. This is redirected to the superheated steam flow through the drying process. The steam, flavouring and odorants are condensed when the heat is withdrawn from the gas flow that has been removed.


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