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Surface treatment

We cater for nearly all customer requirements, even the most unusual ones. Apart from the pickling stainless steel parts, we offer our customers a wide range of surface treatment methods carried out at our own premises:

Glass bead blasting | Sand blasting | Coating | Annealing
In addition, we also offer of course all other conventional surface finishes.

Pickling of the stainless steel removes any dirt, scale residue or temper colours from metal surfaces so that a proper passivation layer can build up, protecting the part against corrosion.

Our pickling shop also accepts contract jobs and is designed for the processing of stainless steel products of the following sizes:

Spray pickling:
Objects with a diameter of up to 6 m and a length of up to 20 m

Immersion pickling:
Objects with a diameter of up to 2.5 m and a length of up to 7 m

Brightening pickling:
Objects with a diameter of up to 2m and a length of up to 3 m | Fill height = 1.3 m | Capacity = 7800 l

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