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Airport Blast Fences

airport fotoTo protect areas in airports that are accessible by foot or by vehicle, Heckmann has developed an innovative blast fence system. It consists of a vertical frame connected to a portable concrete base. The frame is equipped with a large number of profiled fins that deflect the engine jets of the airplanes upwards at angle of 45°.

The areas behind the blast fences are thus protected against the high speed jet blasts.

The blast fences can also be used as visual barriers demarking the parking areas in the airport.

Blast fences are made in hot-galvanised steel and can be coated, if required by the customer.

The prefabricated bases and fences are supplied separately and are only assembled on site.


- The fences are available in three different sizes to suit various site conditions.
- They can be installed easily and at low costs.
- Blast fences are attractive and require only minimum space, thanks to the vertical design.
- As they are hot-galvanised, they are weather-resistant and thus suitable for outdoor use.
- They can be moved at any time with a forklift truck.
- Safety is ensured by the transparent fence areas.
- Thanks to their modular design, the fences can be extended at any stage with additional elements.




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