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Innovation und Qualität

Exhaust gas systems / silencers

With the acquisition of Huss Abgas Vertriebstechnik GmbH by the Heckmann Group at the end of 2003, production was relocated from Hungary to the Heckmann plants in Germany. Since that time, we develop, produce and market new innovative products and tried and tested exhaust gas processing units. The high quality standard associated with "Made in Germany", the various certificates and the restructured management in this division emphasise our commitment to quality.

Our range of services include:

Silencers and spark arresters for all industrial areas | Absorption silencers | Turbo silencers | Absorbtion/reflection silencers | Silencers with spark arrester - for internal combustion engines - for boiler units - for ventilation systems | Customised solutions | Catalytic exhaust gas cleaners (oxidation catalyst) 
Click here to download product overview: silencers and spark arresters (PDF / 27KB)
Click here download dimensioning questionnaire (PDF / 56KB)



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